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As someone who has been running for over 35 years and completed numerous races, I felt like I was in a rut with my training and had plateaued in making any progress or really challenging myself to improve. I heard about Sarah from friends, and after meeting her at a local race, decided she had a great combination of enthusiasm for running, knowledge of training methods, and a real interest in helping people to improve their running and to set and meet their goals. I have been training with Sarah for a number of months now, and she has met and exceeded my expectations as a running coach. First she coached me on trail-running techniques so I could surpass my goal at the 14-mile Double Dipsea race. Now she is fine-tuning my endurance and road-racing skills to help me take 10 minutes off my marathon time and achieve a longstanding goal of a sub-3:30 marathon. Each week she provides a set of tailored workouts that are challenging, interesting, and result in regular improvement. It is very nice to rely on Sarah to lay out my running and workout plan for the coming weeks, so that I can focus on doing the training and not the training plan. She is also flexible in her approach and works with me to determine the right plan for my schedule and is available to provide feedback and answer questions. I feel that with Sarah’s coaching I am on track to get to the next level in running and to meet the goals that we set. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone interested in improving their running, particularly for anyone who wants some help in getting to that next level.”   – Mike Bandrowski

“I have been very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sarah! This is my fourth year running ultra-marathons, and I chose a killer 100K race as my big goal for the year. Basically, I clicked the “register” button to sign up for the race and my next click was to start an email to Sarah to ask for her help in laying out a plan for me. Based on our prior runs together, some background information and my goals, Sarah put together a solid, all encompassing plan to get me to that 100K in August. I am very impressed with the information she presented back to me because it proved that she was listening (which is a skill that many coaches claim to have but don’t always demonstrate). She has a wide knowledge-base of Bay Area runs and offered some great suggestions for races/runs I could participate in over the next few months to test my progress. The variety in the run program, strength building/plyometrics recommendations and explanations as to why the days/weeks and months are laid out as they are put my mind at ease about this big race. I have a plan that isn’t missing anything. I know what I am doing from week to week. And, the feeling of support I have is exactly what I need to get me through this training. Without a doubt, working with Sarah was a great decision and I highly recommend her as a coach!” – Erin Vancellette, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Wicked Training SF

“Sarah took the guesswork out of having to create a training plan that would allow me to run stronger and faster. Every step of the way, she gave me personal feedback and further modified her custom plan to fit my progress. She gave me the confidence I needed to PR at the race. I would highly recommend Sarah as a coach!” – Sheila Hollander

“I am always amazed by the level of service you give your clients. It’s so personal and certainly makes me feel like there’s always someone rooting for me. You have encouraged me to do things I never thought I was capable of doing.” – Stacey Sklar

“Sarah’s coaching is fantastic, since she does a great job customizing her training to each individual’s needs, goals, schedule, and ability level. I’m a busy working mom, novice runner, and was very out of shape when I started with Sarah. I wanted to return to running after a many-year hiatus, and was interested in trail running, but did not know how to start. Sarah helped me pick a manageable first goal race and designed a training regimen to get me ready for it. She was able to accommodate my schedule and some additional cross training that is part of my weekly routine. Her electronic platforms for tracking and managing progress are excellent and easy to use. Sarah checks in frequently, offers great encouragement and changes the training schedule as needed based on feedback or scheduling conflicts that come up. … I would highly recommend Sarah’s services to anyone!” – Lisa Reynolds


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